What’s Your Strategy to Lower your Electric Bill?

by Jul 14, 2017

Studies show that lighting can account to up to 25% of your monthly costs (stoagroup.in). While running your 1HP air conditioner for 10 hours a day will set you back by Php 3,448.53 a month (bestairconph.con).


But did you know the proper planning of your home will greatly increase its energy efficiency thus lowering your monthly electric bill?


For tropical climates like ours, strategies like:


1) Zoning areas and locating areas according to where the breeze blows and the sun travels;
2) positioning of walls and openings to maximize natural light and ventilation in a given space;
3) selection of materials that will allow light to enter or repel heat; and
4) selection of devices and fixtures that supplies the correct amount of light you need – where you need it,


if done correctly, will help you use fewer artificial lights and have less need to turn on your air conditioners – and even electric fans. That is why one of the things architects always check is the lot’s orientation before lifting a finger to draw anything.


But don’t despair, whether your home or space is already built or in the planning stages, the architect can help you achieve an energy-efficient environment that supports your activities and promote your wellbeing.

What’s Your Strategy? Comment Below.

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