Japanese GENKAN Practices for a COVID-Free Home

Photo by Pikist.com

Historically, GENKAN denotes the entranceway to a Zen Temple, translated as the "gateway to profound knowledge".

A Genkan is a small space right after the main door of a Japanese home.

Throughout the years, this particular space was adapted, first by the Samurais then by prominent merchants until adapted by the common folk as an essential part of a Japanese home.

Today, the knowledge about the GENKAN is kept alive.

It serves two purposes:

1. It is where guests take off their shoes before entering the home. 

Some owners provide indoor shoes, a stool, and a shoe rack for their guest's convenience... They also assign a spot to leave their keys and umbrellas at the Genkan.

A psychological transition between the inside of the home and the outside world.  

2. It provides a place for short visits with guests so they don't have to necessarily enter the home.

Most Japanese homeowners have their INKAN ready at the Genkan - the seal equivalent to their signature, for accepting deliveries of mails and packages.

Safety in Order and Cleanliness 

Photo by Pikist.com

Now, more than ever, these simple Genkan practices serve to safeguard the health of people by keeping COVID out of the home.

Do you want to have your own Genkan?